• How to access by car
  • 3 minutes from Asahikawa Takasu Interchange, on Douou Expressway
  • Closest station
  • Approximately 20 minutes by Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus from Asahikawa Station.
    Get off at ""AEON Asahikawa Nichi Ten"" and you'll reach it right away
  • In case of using a bus
  • Asahikawa Nishi Store Denkikidou Ltd. Midorichou 22 Choume Bus Stop (No.3・No.33 Line)
    1 minute walk from No.1 Entrance of AEON Front Entrance
  • Accessing from airport
  • Approximately 25.1 km・ About 40 minutes by car

Parking lot information

  • Usage time
  • (1)《North》 parking lot 8:00~22:00
    (3)Rooftop parking lot 8:00~22:00
  • Parking fee
  • free
  • Bicycle parking
  • about 380 cars

Bus information