• How to access by car
  • Sasson Expressway
    From Otaru IC, turn right, and you'll reach it right away
  • Closest station
  • Otaru-Chikkou Station, on Hakodate Main Line
  • In case of using a bus
  • Between JR Sapporo Station~JR Otaru-Chikkou Station (direct connection with Wing Bay Otaru),
    take the Highway Otaru Bus (only the one via Bouyoudai), which will take 1 hour.

    From inside Otaru city,
    there are Otaru Exploring Bus and fixed route buses managed by Hokkaido Chuou Bus on service.
    For more information, please visit Hokkaidou Chuou Bus homepage.
  • Accessing from airport
  • Take the train at JR New Chitose Airport Station, and get off at Otaru-Chikkou Station

Parking lot information

  • Usage time
  • (1)Outdoor parking lot 8:00~24:30
    (2)Underground parking lot 8:00~24:30
    (3)Multi-storey parking lot 8:00~22:30
  • Parking fee
  • The first 1 hours is free (Purchasing in this store for more than 1,000 Yen, and get free parking for 4 hours)